About Salam Kanaan


Salam was born on the 2nd of April, 1963, residing in Amman-Jordan. His interest of painting and drawing started when he was a child, he painted cities, people, and portraits inspired by the surrounding natures. Salam found his self related to the impressionists school inspired by Claude Mont  His early talent led him to study Fine Arts in Yamouk University, North of Jordan earning his B.A. in 1987. Due to his interest in Pottery and ruins he started in his M.A in the Institute of Archaeology at Yarmouk University. He also served as a Research Assistant and participated in the most three important excavations in Jordan in 1988. At this time Salam received a grant from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Salam with no hesitating flew to Paris and got his M.A. (Diplome Superieure)1993 from Ecole des Beaux Arts.  During this Era he showed solely in several exhibitions in 1989 Al Wasiti Gallery in Amman, Royal Culture Center in 1991, Um-Alqundom, Amman, and Gallery Bernanos, Paris in 1992, Alia Art Gallery, and Krebsen Gallery, Copenhagen in 1993.  He also participated in several Collective exhibitions, Contemporary Arab Artists, Al-Wasiti Gallery in Amman 1989, Artistes du Monde Gallery, Bernanos, Paris and Cloitre del la Rechefoucault, France  1990. Mairie de Cannes, France- Won the 1st prize competition of “Cite des Arts” Paris, 1991. Contemporary art exhibitions at Salon D’honneur Hotel de ville, Levallios with guest honor the Spanish artist Tapies. And Concours de Champagne (Won the 5th prize) Festival with theme on birds, Abberville, France 1992. Grand Palais, Salon Des Beaux Arts, Paris 1993. Back to Jordan in 1994 with lots of achievements, experiences, and inspirations that enriched Salam’s knowledge and polished his artistic skills.  In 1994 Prime Minister of Jordan entitled Salam to make to Art Collections for the Prime Ministry. In 1995 he served as an Art Teacher in the Applied Science University. He loved Salt City, he chose to live in it and painted the walls of Salt city through his window.  As encouraging to Protect Salt city history he exhibited Salt in 1996 under the title (Return to Salt) where a lot of paintings and water colors represented the beauty of Salt city. Salam Kanaan and Duinde Gallery In 1996 Salam moved to the old city of Amman – Jabal Amman where he established his new studio with a cozy private gallery Called Duinde Gallery or Salam Kanaan Gallery located at 24 Rainbow Street. Few years later this private gallery turned to the public Art lovers and viewers. Salam added his own taste to his gallery so when you approach the gallery first thing you see is a unique and genuine style of old and antique furniture, accessories, pottery, lightening, and even coffee and tea cups. Plus his art pieces hanging all over the walls. It really feels warm and homey. It’s Salam’s way to spread art and beauty. Where else you can enjoy a cup of tea while your eyes can’t stop jumping from one piece of art to another? It’s his way to enhance art in Jordan. Salam is focusing on the importance of art, it’s his ever dream to see Amman as a center or as a capital of Fine art in the Arab world. Exactly like Paris in Europe.  1999 He travelled to Jerusalem several times. During this year he accomplished several Artistic works, these works were the subject of his solo exhibition in 2000 at Municipality of Greater Amman titled (Jerusalem). Published his first Book (30 Days in Jerusalem) in 2001 He exhibited Amman in 2002 and in 2005 under the title of Amman the Capital. Salam travelled through many Arabian cities specially Cairo and Dubai Participating in Dubai 2050 expo which took place in Dubai 2006. He was inspired by the culture and beauty of Egypt history so Egypt was the subject of many artistic works that he brought with him back to Jordan and exhibited them in 2008 in his own gallery.  2012 he exhibited in his own gallery several new and private art collection under the title “We Are the Sky”.